• Diona

One key to not catching a case - breathe!

How important is your breath to you? I mean really, think about all the oxygen you use and where it goes. Does it go towards encouraging and nurturing, cussing a fool out, talking to your self, or all of the above? It’s all good- I’ve been all of the above. I’ve also noticed how much breath I withhold when I’m upset! Ham mercy! Why would I continue to put my body, mind and spirit through this chaos - well I had to sit with that and strategize! Fart! Yes, I said it release the ish. Your ish. Their ish. Don‘t allow the ish to block you from being your authentic self - even if cussing a fool out was necessary! After, regroup and breathe. Oh, and you can just breathe, you don’t have to fart! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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