• Diona

Who do you love? Are you for sure?

Gimme that juicy, that oowee, the gushy, that tender, that soul reviving, that shockwave, that....just gimme that love!

Do you know what the best kind of love is or where it comes from? I mean that life changing, HalleluYah type love? It comes from You. It should be given to You. You are divinely aligned. Say it with me: I am divinely aligned. So how do you wholeheartedly embrace that, by far with LOVE! Not things(although great). Not people(although yummy). Not places(although fun). You are the common denominator.

Self love. Society has almost create an essence of a cliche. All say it. All promote it. Who’s really doing it and being it? You know you need it and want it and have been filling it with everything but you. You’ve filled it with people and things that no longer serve you. Youve put it off and said, “Tomorrow.” Later. Next week.

Accept, embrace and love yourself TODAY. Remember what it feels or felt like. What did love with yourself smell like. Use the sense

you have and breathe life into it again. Taste it. Imagine it. Touch it❤️ Embrace love. Let it embrace you.

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